Lives Collide: Collide Series Book 1 , Kristina Beck

You’re going to find a lot of great reviews on this book, because it’s just that good. While it has a slow start, it picks up pretty quickly. Here’s my review:

From the book, when James is talking: “Every moment, every memory is a gift.” Truer words have never been spoken. Lives Collide is a beautiful tale of Lisa and James, and how their lives have intertwined throughout the years with neither of them knowing it. Those moments shaped their lives in ways they weren’t yet aware of. So when fate finally decides to play her hand, their story unfolds together. Beck does a wonderful job of creating beautiful characters, both main and supporting, that are rich and profound. Both James and Lisa come with their share of baggage, but they might just be able to heal each other if they can learn to let go.

The best part of this series? They can be made to be read as standalones!! So I will be reading book 2 soon.

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