Son of Saint, Kailee Reese Samuels

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My review:

Deacon, the son of Saint, hits the spotlight in this book. Introduced in Raw, Samuels brings us back to where it all starts for Deacon. Parents from opposing clubs and step-son to a monster, Deacon tries to forge his own path in life. Yet with so many different hands at play, his life, for the most part, is on a pre-calculated trajectory.
Samuels writing style was different for this book, weaving the past and present together, and then alternating with various characters we have come to know in her books being interviewed.
Of course, these books cannot be complete without Sal Raniero, and we learn how he came crashing into Deacon’s life and built a lifelong bond.
I found so many quotes in this book that I either could completely relate to or that just hit me hard. But I think this one was my favorite because too often in life, we are walking blind, and only realize something treasured when it has passed us by:
“I wanted that kind of beauty to be blessed on me. It was an odd request, I know. I had walked the path to an enlightenment for so long, but I had missed the lessons of splendor.”
Son of Saint is another great book in the series that helps to close some of the gaps while leaving it open to give us more in the characters we have come to know and love.

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