Spank Bank, S.K. Lessner

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This book is intended for 18+ due to the nearly nude or completely naked imagery, shockingly naughty verbal content, and the occasionally crude and downright filthy characters. Please be aware that this aphrodisiac filled literary work may cause hot flashes, dry mouth, and aching cores. Proceed with caution.
After going viral, a newspaper journalist must step out of her comfort to keep her fans happy, her blog entertaining, and her boss satisfied. Realizing it would take a hands on approach to achieve her goals, she finds herself working at a men’s fertility and donation center. It doesn’t take long for things to go awry. With an untamed curiosity, she quickly finds herself in some compromising and comical situations.

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My review:

Redhead Ginger, who is fully aware of the irony in her name, works at a newspaper office. When she discovers that a reproduction donation center catering to men opens up across the street, she becomes hooked. With a wild imagination, she starts spinning tales for each of the men, and she’s found her niche. Fans are having a blast at the new blog and she needs to be able to keep the story going. So when she gets a temp job at the “Spank Bank”, she gets to meet the men she’s spun these stories for. All of it might be just a little too overwhelming for her. Lessner’s sense of humor is perfect, Spank Bank is laugh out loud funny, a quick read that you don’t want to put down.

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