Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1) K.L. Montgomery

This was such a wonderful book, I absolutely adore it. Here is my review:

Claire is a fat girl, and she used to wear that tag with shame. Struggling her entire life with her weight, she’s come with many ways to cope, and now she’s learning to live life in the wake of a divorce that blindsided her. Her biggest outlet is through blogging, and after blogging for 10 years with wit, humor, and sincerity, she gets picked up for a weekly column in the NYT. She’s going to spend the year before she turns 40 reinventing herself and sharing it with the world. In her journey, she discovers so much more about herself than she ever dreamed possible.

There were so many things that hit me right in the gut, but the part that hit me the most was on aging. Because we spend so much time concerned if we are doing “life” right, worrying about the next stage, or just worrying in general. When we should be just trying our best to enjoy every stage of life, every precious moment.
“I spent most of your childhood wondering when I was going to feel like an adult….and then the next thing I knew, I was already an old lady. It’s like I went from those awkward teen years to being a senior citizen overnight.”
Montgomery has done a superb job covering so many topics while keeping true to the title. To name a few: weight gain and struggles, eating disorders, aging, inter-family relationships, and bullying. Fat Girl is poignant and powerful, with hard-hitting truths that resonate with the reader whether they are fat, slim, or anywhere on the weight spectrum.

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