Magically Betrayed: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Hunted Witch Agency Book 3) Rachel Medhurst

Devon Jinx has been through the ringer, on the verge of Post Traumatic Stress, she needs to get back in the game and take down the head of Witch slave trade. She’s got her mother and father back, in some capacity, but it doesn’t quite feel like family. Especially because a dark secret is discovered which involves her family. She needs to rely on her co-workers even more if she’s going to get through it. She has tough decisions to face, and with Justina, Kurt, and Mc-Dreamy Gerard, she just might be able to pull through this and take down the leader once and for all.

Medhurst has hit a lot of real-world topics in this book and has dealt with them brilliantly.
On suicide:
“Sometimes people’s emotions are so very heavy and dark, they don’t feel like they have a choice. They don’t realise that emotions change every single day.”
On PTSD: “Post-traumatic stress disorder often stays with us the rest of our lives….I don’t want that for you, Devon…”
On insecurities: “Instead of facing myself, I’d run from those who would force me to see who I was. I wanted someone who would validate me…”

This was by far, my most favorite book of the series. Medhurst has closed up the holes we were so desperately seeking to be filled in the first two books while showing us the possibility that the story continues. The entire series is fun, intense, and fast-paced. It’s filled with witches, warlocks, and vampires. The perfect combination of thriller and heat, The Hunted Witch Agency series is a homerun.

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