Siren Call, Phoebe Alexander

Look at that beautiful cover!!!
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This is my second book by author Phoebe Alexander, and I am beyond impressed with her writing skills. Here’s my review!

Everyone has a past, but some people have secrets that they’re just trying to run from. Sirena is new to The Factory, a swinger’s club in Ocean City Maryland, and she’s causing quite a stir. She’s absolutely stunning, and there is something about her that is stirring the club clique up. The owners, Cap and Leah, want to know what she’s hiding, to make sure she’s safe amidst the drama that is brewing. So they ask their friend Jessie, a local policewoman who frequents The Factory for help. Jessie is immediately attracted to Sirena, and that might make it hard to get the answers they are all looking for.
Trying to pull back the layers of Sirena’s life is next to impossible, she’s evasive and holds her cards close. So when Jessie falls for Sirena, it’s not as easy going as she’d hoped it would be.
Can Jessie and The Factory crew figure out the mystery behind Sirena and bring some peace back to The Factory?
While third in the series, Siren Call is completely able to be read as a standalone, which I greatly appreciate as that is what makes a true series. I’ve not read the previous books and yet I don’t feel like I was missing any information.
Siren Call has a little bit of everything. The entire crew of The Factory is a close-knit tribe. They help each other with their burdens. Readers find themselves in rapt attention, anxious to find out the mystery that is Sirena. As erotic scenes unfold, the connection between Jessie and Sirena is palpable, leaving you breathless. Alexander has done a superb job drawing the reader in with the perfect mix of intrigue and seduction.

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