Cracks, Mike Klaassen

I came upon this young adult book, and as this is currently my favorite genre, I dove right in. Here is my review:

Bodie is exploring the caves in Arkansas as part of community service with some other at-risk teenagers. He’s a teenager in the foster system with a great family, one in which he doesn’t always treat the best. So when unexpected earthquakes start to hit the caves, Bodie bonds with the judge who stayed behind to help him. As the tremors get worse, the judge and every other adult leading the expedition are unexpectedly killed. Forced to have to work with these teens, things go from bad to worse. Bodie is faced with trial after trial, from digging himself out of rockfalls and caves to trying to survive underwater. His resilience is admirable, and the lessons he learns along the way are going to carry Bodie far in life. Cracks was a great book, a young adult thriller that has moments of great intensity. A definite one-sitting read.

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