Survivors’ Dawn, Ashley Warren

A superb first book for author Ashley Warren.

Your freshman year of college is supposed to be the time of your life. But when a serial rapist is on campus who preys on Freshman, your life may never be the same again. This harrowing tale is told through each of the three women involved, Lauren, the happy, go-lucky girl, Brooke the virgin, and Nikki, the RA. Each of them connected in some way, each of them brought together by their trauma. Their strength to go through the university to seek justice didn’t fare well for them at first, and that is a real problem in today’s society. They were lucky to get a policeman they felt comfortable with, that was one of their biggest cheerleaders, the process wasn’t easy and it took a delicate ear to give them their voices. Warren did a wonderful job of portraying the predatory nature of Colin Jordan, the way he, and others view what constitutes sexual assault.She also did a beautiful job of telling these women’s stories, what a survivor goes through, from the moment it happens and life after. Survivors’ Dawn is a compelling, must-read, for both teens and adults.

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You can purchase Survivors’ Dawn for 99 cents on Amazon or free with KU.

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