Juliet, Kailee Reese Samuels

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I had read Juliet before I started following Samuels on social media, and for some reason, this book slipped through the cracks of me reviewing. I promised to rectify that, and in such, I wanted to re-read the book to be able to write the best review I could. And while I am sure that I could have done better in this review, this is what I have come up with. I do want to note, that in my second reading, the book still tore me apart. I am still blown away by Kailee’s writing, and one day later, I am still feeling a bit wrecked, and desperate to read on so that I may be made whole.

Iris has lost her husband Chance, her entire world, as she says “I am going to be in love with you regardless of the cover of your book for the rest of my life.” *swoon*. That alone is but one exemplary sentence in the beauty that is Samuels’ writing.
Chance leaves behind a key, that takes her to a house in Sugargrove, Texas. Which upon arrival walks Iris into an entirely new world in Juliet, an academy for those seeking to learn submission and the world beyond the vanilla lifestyle. This is all more than Iris could have ever imagined, her entire marriage was shrouded in secrets and her world implodes. Entire Salvatore Raniero.
Occasionally in life, we come across someone, who with just one look, will immediately take a piece of our heart. No matter the hurt or the distance, they will always carry that piece with them, like a prized possession. This is Iris and Sal. Whatever it is they want of each other, it cannot happen until each of them find their true selves. Even if it means tearing each other apart in the process. As Samuels writes: “Unfortunately for both of them, they were both blinded by their stubborn streaks to see the magic of what existed between them.”
The story of Juliet is so much more than just Iris and Sal. There are many people that play a key role in Juliet, who come together to make a merry band of misfits family. Acceptance and love are at the heart of this family. Samuels has created an entire world in Juliet, with so many rich characters, the possibility to follow each of them can create an entire mini-library for the reader. As is evident in her author profile, such worlds are being created. Juliet is not a quick read, there are 654 pages that introduce us to an entirely new world that is above and beyond what most of us could ever dream. There is so much beauty, eroticism, and heartbreak in Juliet, it’s more than just a book, it’s a world that begs to be delved into.

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