Dreams Collide, Kristina Beck

Dreams Collide follows Tina, Lisa’s sister that we met in book one. The first thing I love about this book is that it’s made to be read as a standalone, and you don’t need book one to be able to follow the story here (but who wouldn’t want book one after reading this?).
Tina has spent her life riddled with guilt over the loss of her mother in a car accident, playing mother to her sister and constantly reassuring her father that it was not his fault. Carrying the awful secret that she’s always felt the accident was her fault.
In her professional life, she gets a job as a team leader to work on a website for a great local German restaurant. When she meets the man who runs the restaurant, Gerry, there is an instant connection, but they must keep things professional.
But it’s really hard to stay professional when there is so much more than a working relationship going on. I loved Dreams Collide, it had so many layers of storyline between Tina’s history, Gerry’s history, and a shared history. Having characters from Lives Collide in the book gave it that much more depth. There are moments I was laughing at their antics and then swooning over Gerry and Tina’s connection. Beck has done an outstanding job in Dreams Collide, it’s a must-read.

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