Carry Me Home, Jessica Therrien

Inspired by true events, Carry Me Home is the heartwrenching tale that follows three women, Lucy, her sister Ruth, and their mother. The book is written in chapters told by each of their points of view. Lucy is a rebellious 15 year old in which once she gets a taste of freedom, bites off more than she can chew. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and situations that are going on with other kids your own age, especially at that age and with so much freedom. Ruth has social anxiety and has a hard time coming out of her shell. She is envious of Lucy’s ability to make friends no matter the situation, but she loves her fiercely. Two years older than Lucy, she oftentimes plays mother to her while their own mother is either out working or trying to further her education. Their mother is insecure after years of verbal abuse from her husband, an alcoholic who is disgusted by her weight. While she knows she needs to lose weight, she needs to learn to be comfortable in her own skin. She wants to do what is best for her daughters in everything. The three are close-knit which carries them throughout the several trials their lives are placed in.

Therrien addresses hard-hitting issues such as gang violence, drugs, spousal abuse, social anxiety, and rape. I appreciate that a book can cover so many topics and bring them to the forefront. I appreciate that there was an epilogue, though my personal tastes would have liked to see it longer. I do believe Therrien could even turn the epilogue into its own separate book. While labeled a young adult book, I feel that any age woman would benefit from reading it as it conveys such strong emotions and messages.

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