Nocturnal (Hangman's Haunt Book 2) Kay Elle Parker

When a vampire is involved, you know things are about to get steamy, and when Allix meets Archer, things get *hot*!
Nocturnal is the second book in the Hangman’s Haunt series. Able to be read as a standalone, it follows Allix, one of four friends each of these books follows. Allix is tough, she knows how to hunt, and she knows how to take care of herself. When she meets Archer, she’s not exactly sure what he is, but she’s not impressed with him showing up to town. After living over 600 years, the deliciously tall and muscular Irishman Archer is impressed with Allix. She’s feisty and determined, and he’s met his match. But the war is still coming.
Daxon may have taken his family and people away from his overbearing father Shax but Shax has no intention of being an alpha to an empty clan. He wants his clan back, and while he may have lost his top 3 fighters in book one at the hands of Bailee, he’s not above hiring anyone, or anything, to get back what he’s lost.
The scenes between Archer and Allix are on fire! Parker knows how to write her characters with some intense chemistry in provocative scenes. She’s also introduced what feels like PTSD to Allix, and while she doesn’t state that’s what it is, it’s clear that Allix has been through a lot. With love, tenderness, and amazing sex, Archer might just be the one to heal her. I appreciate that she’s weaved real life issues into her writing.
Parker brought back the characters we have grown to love from Wild and incorporated them into Allix’s story well. I loved how intense things got when trouble finally made it to the Haunt and I loved how well-written this book was. There were special elements that were added that surprised me, and while I don’t want to spoil it, there were more characters at play than I would have dreamed of. Nocturnal is an amazing follow-up to Wild, and I cannot wait until Eclipse comes out so we can follow Brenna’s story.

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