The Flip, K.L. Montgomery

Andrew’s great-aunt has left him a house, well half of a house. He has to share it with his childhood nemesis, Sonnet, and they plan to fix it up and sell it. From 8 years old and up, these two competed against each other in everything from a spelling bee to who is chosen to be class valedictorian. For years, Sonnet has been picked on mercilessly by Andrew and she is not looking forward to a summer spent working on the house with him. He’s probably just the same mean jock he was in high school. And as far as Andrew is concerned, Sonnet is probably still the same chubby girl with coke bottle glasses. Imagine their surprise when they see each other after so many years. As time passes working on the house, the two are surprised at how much the other has changed, and a companionable friendship evolves. Perhaps Great Aunt Penny knew what she was thinking when she left these two her house.
The Flip was a lot of fun to read, I loved the banter between the two of them and I loved the tension. I appreciated the fact that Sonnet is a leader in her field of Engineering and Astrophysics, and that she wants to share her love of Sciences with kids. It was nice watching the change in Andrew as Sonnet made more of an impression on his life and vice versa. The Flip was a ton of fun to read between light-hearted moments, to funny moments, and the swoon-worthy moments in between.

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