One Taste of Love, Amanda Siegrist

One Taste of Love follows Ben and Rita. From the day Ben met Rita, he knew she was the one for him. She’s quiet but her mere presence speaks volumes. When he finally gets the nerve to ask her out, she turns him down. His friends that we met in book one, Zeke, Zoe, and Dee are always pushing him to ask her out because he’s never told them he was shot down, it hurt too much. But now there is a murderer out there, one that is taking down people that Ben thinks look a lot like Rita. He’s edgy and scared for her, but what can he do? He’s in love with a woman who nearly broke him in two with her rejection.
If you’re new to this series, the great part of it is that you can read each book as a standalone. Knowing the characters from the other books does tie things together nicely and it makes it feel like you’re greeting old friends. From Ben and Zeke’s hilarious comradery, Zeke and Zoe’s swoon-worthy romance, to Dee’s over-protectiveness, this series is filled with great characters. The relationship between Ben and Rita is sweet and endearing, and as Siegrist warns in her blurb, there’s insta-love. She makes it work well because while a relationship is blooming, there’s a murder to solve.
This is the third book I’ve read by Siegrist and she has the romantic suspense genre down pact. I love the edge of the seat feeling you get, desperately turning pages trying to solve the case right along with Ben and Zeke.

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