The Girl Before, JP Delaney

I tend to save my 5 star reviews for my blog, because I want people to read the books I absolutely loved. Well not all the books I read are 5 star, and this is one of them. When I don’t absolutely love a book, I try to constructively write why I didn’t like it. I don’t think it’s fair to completely rip a book apart unless it comes across that no effort has been put into a book. Have any of you read it? What were your thoughts on it? Here’s my review:

The Girl Before had an interesting premise with the oddities of the rental house and the strict rules that go with it. For me, I find it a little out there that anyone would agree to over 200 rules to live in a pristine house with barely any belongings. Let alone the fact one rule says no books! How ironic a rule of no books in a book. I found the landlord very predatory, and the whole situation would have sent me running. But I know the low rent holds a big appeal and I can see why it would be a draw.The layout of going from past with Emma and present with Jane was unique, and it helped to pull the storyline together. Saying “in the tradition of Girl on a Train…Gone Girl…” seems a bit of a reach for me, as this book doesn’t give you that “edge of your seat thriller, suspense, stress” that you get from the other books.
But it was a unique idea and it was an interesting premise, if not a bit overpriced considering it needs to be vetted by an editor a bit for some spelling issues and the random use of quotes in some “chapters” and a complete lack thereof in others.

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