She, Kailee Reese Samuels

We were just having a no spoiler discussion of this book and all the emotions that it rips out of you. Kudos Ms. Samuels!

Here is my review:

Joe is just an ordinary, spoiled, rich kid following the family plan to be the last son in the family to become a lawyer. But then he spots Natalie, one of his frat brother’s twin-sister and while their conversation is short lived, he’s infatuated. She’s absolutely perfect for him. But Natalie isn’t part of the plan and he can’t get her out of his head.
So Joe deviates from the plan to go after what he wants. Natalie might be a bit broken, but he has his mother’s support in caring for her and making her his. As we watch Natalie’s story unfold, we are witness to the upbringing that has turned her into who she is today, and while she is beautiful on the outside, the scars of a life abused run deep. The struggles these two go through are immeasurable, but at the root of their relationship is love, the kind of love that has to be strong enough to face the long road ahead.
The love Joe has for Natalie jumps off the pages with lines like “She was still devastatingly broken, but in the push of boundaries, we discovered a new area, unmarked on the map of us.” and “I will scream her name until my last moment because regardless of how flawed her programming may be-she loves me.”
She is another beautifully written book to come from author Samuels. It had me yelling at either Natalie or Joe one moment and then wanting to sweep them up in a blanket with tea another. I loved every moment of this roller coaster ride of emotions and am excitedly looking forward to the release of ‘He.’

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