Vox, Christina Dalcher

Wow, what an amazing book!

Set in a dystopian future, Vox tells the story of a Pure Movement. A story of oppression, of women, of any age, being limited to 100 words a day. No miming words and no reading, books are locked up. Women can’t work, they can’t even check their own mail. The men are back to being the head of household, “the way God intended.” Because now, religion overrules anything else in the country. Where people are scared of their neighbors, that someone might catch them doing something they aren’t supposed to, and tell.
Jean is scared for her daughter’s future. She’s scared to see the system changing her eldest son, he’s no longer the sweet boy she raised, he’s buying right into their propaganda and soon her other children will follow suit.
When she gets the chance to go back to work, if only to help cure the President’s brother, she jumps at the opportunity. With conditions. Conditions that they take off her bracelet, the one keeping track of her word count, and her daughters’ too. Jean she sees her daughter scared to talk, she sees the rules getting stronger and she wants change. This job might just be the opportunity she’s been seeking to start exacting it.
Dalcher has done a superb job in creating a future that makes you angry with the system, at the injustice, at the decades of change that are ripped from the hands of Americans. Vox is an extremely well-written dystopian novel, reminiscent of 1984, but much more extreme. It’s engaging and well thought out with a creative storyline. It’s a must-read for fans of dystopian thrillers that will be sure to stir many engaging conversations.

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