Clipped Wings, Betty Shreffler

Betty Shreffler’s writing just keeps getting better! Look how gorgeous this cover is!

Erika is a young woman who lives in a hostile home. Her mother has a revolving door of boyfriends and is drugged out more often than not. Her sister, Dori, runs with members of the motorcycle club, The Serpents. But she is just trying to do her best, she’s trying to help provide, and she’s trying to keep her sister safe. But she might have gotten in too deep with the scene.
Keeping her virtue is hard when you have various MC guys hanging around. But there is this one guy, Dom, and she can’t keep her eyes off him. While she’s stealing glances, so is he. What Dom wants, Dom gets, because being the Vice President of The Serpents has some perks, and it wasn’t easy to work his way up through the ranks, but he’s done it.
The chemistry between Erika and Dom is palpable. The scenes between them are intense, provocative, and downright *h*o*t*. The connection between these two runs deep and Shreffler has done an amazing job writing not just Erika and Dom, but all of the characters. I absolutely love where she took the ending and while this book is a standalone, I suspect we’re going to be seeing more of these two.

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