Everything, Everything: Nicola Yoon

This was a read out loud book for me and my daughter. Maddy has SCID, and as such, she cannot leave the house. Anything can kill her, so her mother, a doctor, has installed an air filtration system so that Maddy can have free roam of the house. It’s not much of a life, but it’s all Maddy knows. Until Olly moves across the street. They’ve been through new neighbors before and it’s never turned out well. But this time, there’s something different with Olly, and bit by bit, he’s breaking down Maddy’s walls.

Yoon does an excellent job with the writing. The inner dialog Maddy has with herself is amazing and well-written. Watching the relationship bloom between Olly and Maddy is fun and sweet, and very typical of what teenagers go through, with the exception that Maddy can’t leave the house. Yoon has done a good job with all the characters she brings into the book, from Maddy, Olly, Maddy’s mother, and even down to Maddy’s caretaker Carla. Carla is probably my favorite character in the book, because of her motherly role and outside view that she carries.
While Yoon had the set up for a near-perfect ending, I felt it was too abrupt, that she could have given the readers just a bit more. But overall, I loved how well-written “Everything, Everything” is and think it’s a perfect book for young adults and the young at heart.

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