Dancing with Destiny, Stacey Broadbent

Isn’t this cover gorgeous? Stacey recently redid all the covers for this series. While I loved the old covers, these covers are stunning. Here’s my review for the last book in the Dancing series:

Stacey Broadbent has ended the Dancing series with a bang! I absolutely loved Dancing with Destiny.
Time has passed and Maddi is happy with Ricki. She hasn’t heard from Dane and she feels safe and secure, except that Ricki keeps disappearing and no-one in their group knows why. Rory is happy in her relationship with Damon and she’s trying to make a future for herself by trying to enroll in Gastronomie, a precious culinary school in Christchurch. The competition to get in is tough, but Rory has incredible skills in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jessie and Sacha aren’t doing so well anymore, Jessie is fed up with all of her drama and wants to take a break.
But there is still a competition to practice for and Maddi and Ricki are keeping up with their lessons as well as their group practice. So there is a lot going on in Dancing with Destiny. But I can’t reveal much more because there are so many surprises in this book, both good and bad, that it would spoil it for the next reader. This was definitely my favorite book in the series. I love that camaraderie between everyone, they can go from serious in one chapter to laughter in the next, and it makes the book flow smoothly. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to everyone because I’ve come to really appreciate each of these characters through their growth and life changes.

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