Magically Banished, Rachel Medhurst

This is by far, my most favorite series out there today, and I think you’re going to love it too.

In Magically Banished we watch Devon’s relationship with Gerard blossom and it adds a nice layer to the entire series. They’re headed off to Scotland to hang low so Devon can avoid the warlocks, as she has something they are desperately after. But they’re not there for a retreat, they’re in Edinburgh to figure out where the new drug is coming from that is killing people.
Wrought with twists and the fast-paced action we’ve come to know from this series, Magically Banished brings more to the table with this series. The fact that there’s a true relationship with Devon and Gerard is exactly what we’ve been waiting for, and it’s just as fun as ever. I’ve grown fond of everyone at The Haunted Witch Agency and I love that they all have their place in each book. I love watching not only Devon grow through each book, but her relationship with each of her co-workers, as they are becoming more like a family. As always in this series, Medhurst leaves you dangling off a cliff of suspense, eagerly awaiting the next installment to find out what more she has in store for us. Magically Banished is another great book in this series that is well-written with edge of your seat excitement, a job well done.

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