Picking Up the Pieces, Sienna Grant

I’ve read Sienna Grant before but never her first novel, so it was nice to go back to where it all began. Alexia is a woman who has escaped an abusive marriage with her infant son Grady. Her husband Paul has mentally and physically abused her for years. As she says in talking to Blake “You can recover from bruises, but it’s the words that leave the biggest scars, they stay with you forever…”.

That brings us to Blake, my newest book boyfriend, with dark blue eyes, long eyelashes, and a strong jawline. He’s got great abs and the “v” that comes with them. He’s recently gotten out of a relationship with a woman who is only interested in money, and he realizes that in 2 years of dating her, he never really loved her. Because the moment he sets his eyes on Alexia, he’s hooked.

She comes with a lot of scars from the years of torment, she’s insecure and she’s broken, and Blake wants to be the one to help her heal. Watching his devotion to helping Alexia heal is heartwarming. The way he takes to Grady is endearing and commendable, as not every man would want to take on another mans child, but this is special circumstances, and Grady is an adorable little boy. Blake has infinite patience when it comes to helping Alexia heal, he’s with her through every tear, every emotional breakdown. When their relationship evolves, it gets hot and steamy.

I love that Author Grant has taken the real world issue of domestic abuse and put it so well into a novel. Not every woman is lucky to be able to get out, and even luckier to find a man as near perfect as Grant (temper and all, haha). Picking Up the Pieces had me going from tears to swooning, it hit all the right spots for a very well done romance, especially as a debut book. I’ve heard that she is going through and editing the book which is wonderful as her editor has missed a lot of things, but that didn’t deter me in any way from reading and in fact, I’m excited to see the new version when she releases it.
As this is the first book in the series, she gives you a hint of where she will be going with book two, which is fabulous. The best part is that this book is made to be read as a standalone so you don’t get left hanging. Well done!

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