A Drop of Blue, Isa Briarwood

I finished this book yesterday and while I do think it could use a few small tweaks, overall it was a great read. Here’s my review:

A Drop of Blue turned out to be a really fun book to read for me. In 1972 Cate is headed home after an earthquake where she finds a flash of light and heads in to investigate. The apparition turns out to be a rift and pulls her into the year 2043, into The Village, a dystopian future set up by the US government for people exactly like her. Split off into towns, The Village puts people from various era’s in with the same, as to not shock their systems by the advances made in human technology.
That right there was a little off to me only because if people are able to be transported through time, I feel like they would be able to handle advances, but then there wouldn’t be a good storyline to follow up, so I went with it.
Cate meets Angus, a transplant from the 40’s, and right away she gets a sense that she can trust him. Because once you’re in The Village, the government has no way to send you back, and she wants out. Especially after learning that she needs to not only earn her keep, but pick up jobs so she can afford things that aren’t given to her by the government.
Angus comes in handy as he’s been in The Village a year and helps her to be able to work her way through different centuries. It’s a bit of a shock to be working in the 1800’s and previous, but it’s all part of their plan to figure out what is going on, what the general is hiding, and how they can escape.
A Drop of Blue mostly focused on Cait and Angus, but a few other characters were introduced which helped enrich the storyline. The Village was extremely creative and I appreciated the amount of detail that Author Briarwood put into it. I was disappointed that the book ended on a cliffhanger with no warning in the blurb that was going to happen. But aside from that, it was a fun book and I am anxious to read the next book when it releases.

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