Ruthless Magic, Megan Crewe

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Look at that cover, isn’t it stunning?? You guys are going to be in for a ride with this book!

Once Ruthless Magic got through the background needed to lay the setting, the book was non-stop action. Told in alternating views from Rocío, who is a very talented Mage who was overlooked for the College of the N.A. Confederation of Mages because she’s considered new magic, and perhaps a little too talented with her ‘chantments, which has them on edge. She was trained in a regular school because her family couldn’t afford the Academy.

The other point of view we read is Finn, who at 16 is ready to leave the Academy and move forward with his life. He was guaranteed to the College because of his family name. But he’s turned them down because he wants to get by on his own merits, which he concedes are not all that great.

Each of them must now face the exam if they want to keep their magic, otherwise, they face having their abilities dulled. If they make it through the trials they will be considered Champion, and be able to move on learning with their own prominent mage mentor. But if they don’t make Champion, well they will lose all their magic. Each of them has something to prove to not just their families, but themselves.

Grouped together with his best friend Prisha, Rocío, and some other amazing characters such as Judith, Desmond, who’s got a secret of his own, Lacey, and Mark, they start what begins 5 days of exams. While they know nothing of what they are about to face, they do know that the trials they are being put through are too grueling and gruesome to be considered legal. Perhaps that’s why any news about what goes on during the Exams has been kept locked tight.

The trials start with what seems simple to test their skills, to the extreme, both mentally and physically. I could not put the book down because each scene was more intense than the next. While they all work together well as a good team, there are kids in other teams that are just ruthless. While they might be playing within the rules, that doesn’t stop them from trying to cut others out of the coveted spots of Champion.

Ruthless Magic was extremely well-written, it had me hooked from the beginning, and as I’ve said, the scenes are so intense, it’s near impossible to put the book down. Each of the characters were well-written with great detail. I liked how Crewe brought in a bit of a love angle between Finn and Rocío. As Finn says of her, “…if I could have drowned in the feel of her right then, I likely would have happily.” It’s a must-read for fans of the YA genre. As others have likened it to Hunger Games, but with so much more because of magic.

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