My Life as a Country Album, LJ Evans

I had bought this book back in February and it got buried in my TBR. Then I saw L.J. in an author takeover and I was like “hey, I own one of your books, I should get to reading it”, and I am so glad I did! Check out my review:

My Life as a Country Album is probably my most favorite book I’ve read this year (and I’ve read 109 books so far). I think that the idea to take songs from a music artist, and then in your own creative storytelling, model each chapter from each song, is impressively unique. Evans was able to create this amazing love story that was able to pull a wide variety of emotions from the reader (aka me) but I’m quite sure, you too.

She starts us off with Cam recounting her life story to the love of her life Jake and she is honest about every facet, and I believe it’s that honesty that draws us in. She tells of how Jake pretty much willed her into existence, just for him, and then we read the deep intertwining of their lives from day one. Cam loved Jake from before she even knew what that kind of love really was, and as she is so fond of calling Jake “idiot”, it took him a while to realize it. She idolized him, a “god among men”, and he took his role as her protector very seriously.

The 3 year age difference is a lot when your young, and Cam is there through all of Jake’s relationships, from middle school on. Some of the girlfriends merely tolerated her, while others did their best to get her out of his life. But none of them succeeded, because deep down, there was really only one woman for Jake, he just needed her to develop into one.

I don’t want to say too much else about the book because it would be riddled with spoilers. But I will say that at one point I started crying, and every time I thought the tears would stop, Evans wrote something else that started the waterfall of tears all over again. I hurt right along with the characters, and that happens to me so rarely in a book, the storyline is just-that-good.

Even this morning when I was finishing up, I was moved to happy tears, and my family thinks I’m being a bit too emotional, but I just keep telling them they need to read the book. I loved My Life as a Country Album. The characters and storyline were wonderful, the unique way the story is told is brilliant. And the reader gets all this with the author’s first book. I have a paperback copy of her next book “My Life as a Pop Album” and I cannot wait to start it. Well done Ms. Evans.

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