One Taste of Crazy, Amanda Siegrist

I’ve read this series out of order and that’s okay because each book can be read as a standalone, and I’m glad I read this one last because Sauer is by far, my most favorite guy in this series. Sweet, shy, and often fumbling over words, he’s had a crush on Dee for what seems like forever. So when he finally asks her out, he totally blows it by stumbling over the words, and he never really does quite get an answer from her.
Dee is brash, a self-proclaimed bitch, who knows that she isn’t relationship material. But there is something about Sauer that draws her in. Maybe it’s the fact she can’t spar with him like other guys because he’s so agreeable. They both have a rough past and together they can heal each other. With the convincing of her friends Zoe and Rena (who we meet in the previous books), she slowly starts crumbling the walls she’s put up to give him a chance.
And wow, I am so glad she did! Who knew underneath all that shy exterior was a guy who would take total control when he’s scared to lose the girl he loves. I absolutely love it! Dee is absolutely stubborn, and while a guy has twice tried to hurt her, she is set on figuring out who it is, with or without Sauer’s help. Man, that streak is strong and makes him even crazier about her.
I loved trying to figure out who was after her and I love the insta-love aspect that is written in because it couldn’t have happened to two better characters. Very well done!

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