The Book of Essie, Meghan MacLean Weir

I was looking over reviews on Goodreads and quite surprised that people were upset over the portrayal of religion in this book, and I don’t feel that it was a portrayal of religion, rather the portrayal of Essie’s experience in her family, with their particular church.

Written in alternating points of view from Essie, her fiance, and the woman who is helping Essie to tell the story, The Book of Essie is extremely well-written while touching on some very sensitive topics.
Growing up on television, Essie knows there is a right way to act. Her mother pulls all the strings in the family and disobedience isn’t an option. Until Essie learns she’s pregnant and something needs to be done about it to minimize media exposure.
I absolutely loved that underneath the sweet obedience, was a girl fighting to make herself heard, pulling her own strings. She sets in motion the future she envisions for herself while unraveling the web so carefully weaved by her mother and family. I liked that the author touched on some very serious subjects while putting them in a way that is relevant to society today.

You can read my review on Goodreads. The Book of Essie is due for release June 12th and available for pre-order from Amazon for $13.99