Blue, Sarah Jayne Carr

Pretty much everyone I know was telling me I had to read this book, and that I would need time to recover from it. So I started it yesterday and it was very light-hearted and funny. Carr had endless puns which amused me to no end as a huge fan of corny puns. But then Blue ended up having to return to her hometown after literally running away from it and not returning for two years. While some things were still light-hearted, I started to get to the heart of the story. Everyone is angry with her, and with good reason, she left them behind. We the readers aren’t exactly sure why. Thus the story starts to unfold.

Told in alternating timelines from past and present, as soon as Blue gets to Steele Falls, the anger starts with her not wanting to talk to Wesley about any of it. Her sister is being standoffish, her mother is absolutely horrible to her, which she completely expects, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. There’s a guy named Adam who is being a total jerk to her and somehow she’s gotten caught up with his friend Zack, whom she has zero interest in. What a mess!

But then we start learning that she has a past with Adam, and their story starts to unfold, in bits and pieces. Pieces that have you scrambling to grab a tissue, because their story, the reason she had to leave town, is heartbreaking. The more the past and present are weaved together, the harder it gets to put down the tissues, and Carr does nothing in the way to offer more when your tissue box runs out.

Blue is extremely well-written, impeccably edited, and has rich, detailed characters. She had me hooked from the beginning. I’m reading all of these reviews of Blue, with people saying how the book wrecked them, and it’s absolutely correct. This was a book I borrowed in KU, and I’m well over my monthly book budget, but as soon as I finished it, I returned it and then bought it, it’s just that good. Well done Ms. Carr!

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