Mariticide, Jo-Anne Joseph

Sometimes the lives we’re leading are merely a product of our own imaginations, of the lies we tell ourselves, and the passes we give to what seems like minor indiscretions. Swallowing a simple lie here, chastising yourself for clearly remembering something wrong there, and then it all starts to add up. Until the perfect world you had created comes tumbling down around you.

That is exactly what happens to Alyssa. Married to the love of her life, Malcolm, the childhood boy she was forever defending, they have a happy little family together. He’s an entrepreneur so when he opens a new club, while not his normal avenue, she goes along with it. Because she loves him, because it makes him happy, which in turn makes them all happy.

Until she isn’t happy, and here she sits in front of her psychiatrist Luke, keeping all her secrets locked inside. But there is something different about Luke, she can tell by his mannerisms and his words, that there’s more to him. But she can’t speak, because once she starts talking, the floodgates are going to come down, and everything she’s worked so hard at keeping buried, will come rising up. There are lives at stake, and they must be protected at all costs.

The blurb to Mariticide is a bit vague, but knowing the full story, it needs to be, because it would be so easy to spoil this book that throws you for loop after loop. The title alone lets the reader know that something wicked is going to happen. There’s a bit of everything, romance, suspense, guys that make you want to ring their necks, and stress, oh good grief the stress of not knowing! But the thriller that unfolds leaves you glued to the book, unable to put it down because of that suspense and agony of needing to know what happens. Joseph is a superb writer and I’m happy to be working my way through all of her books.

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