The Intuitives, Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

The blurb for this book was interesting, and so I chose to read it, and am insanely glad that I did. While the book needs to lay out the background for each of the students attending the school, it might seem to the reader that they aren’t getting to the meat of the book. But it’s the backgrounds that get you excited about who you are going to be reading about.

After I “met” each of the characters, they were wooshed together and from their initial meeting, I was hooked. I loved how each of their personalities shined through. It took a while for them to become a true team for a multitude of reasons. The main one being they are teenagers with attitudes, which is what makes them so endearing.

The more they learned at the academy, the more intense the book got. To call forth things that would seem unimaginable in today’s world is impressive. I loved each of the connections they made with the other team members, the instructors, and the main military man Miller. I loved their excitement in what they did back home and with everything they learned.

The Intuitives is a fast-paced, addicting, Young Adult novel. I would like to see the authors revisit these characters as they have progressed even further in their abilities.

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