He, Kailee Reese Samuels

He, the second half to the She/He Duet releases today. Get your copy on Amazon for 99 cents.

Here’s my review:
Sometimes to find and take down a monster, you need to become one. That is exactly what Joe does for Natalie in the conclusion to the She/He Duet. This series is not for the faint of heart, because the life that Natalie has had to endure at the hands of her incestuous and tortuous family, is more than most people would ever encounter. So when they’ve decided they have had enough of Natalie belonging to Joe, they take her back to where they feel she truly belongs, with them. Her sister Heidi is out of her mind, and she is taking it out on Natalie, only this time, Joe is there, and must endure as well. Though perhaps endure isn’t the right word, because if he doesn’t fight, neither of them are getting out alive. He is intense, so much more so than She, but it needs to be because Natalie is right back in the clutches of her family. The family she managed to avoid in She. It’s a much faster paced read because you need to keep reading, to find out if they make it. Amidst all the horrible and vile things going on, there is love. A love that cannot be destroyed by a family intent on ripping it apart, a love that will survive the test of time. As Natalie puts it in the book “His words don’t just wrap me in a warm blanket; he is the blanket shrouding and covering me with all that he can.”He is wonderfully done and makes a great addition to the ever-growing, superb collection of books authored by Samuels.

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