Last Chance to Fall, Kelsey Kingsley

This was my first book of Kingsley’s and what a book to start with! Even though it is third in the series, it can be read as a standalone, which for those of you who follow me, know that I love that! Last Chance to Fall follows Sean Kinney, aka Seanie to his friends and family. He’s the quiet and sweet one, the meticulous and detailed one, vastly different than his twin and older brother.

While working one evening, he meets Lindsey, who is like him in so many ways. Together they embark on a week-long journey to break out of their shells and do things they normally wouldn’t do. Lindsey is fun, she compliments Sean perfectly, and he sees the real her. The one that she has kept hidden her entire life. For at the heart of it, she’s scared. I completely relate to her fear of death and as Sean puts it “That scared little girl. Scared of life, scared of her own mortality.” Then he goes on to say “Being alive is supposed to be scary. It means you have something to lose.” How insanely true! I think anyone can relate to that, or at least I hope they would.

Throughout their adventures, Sean starts to develop feelings. Feelings he’s not supposed to have because at the end of the week, Lindsey is leaving. He’s scared too, but he’s scared of telling her how he feels and having her leave anyways.

As far as book boyfriends go, Sean is pretty perfect, because even with his fears, the words he speaks reach your heart. I think my favorite quote from the book was actually not said allowed, but thought, and it was “Because the future was open, with possibilities strewn about like scattered pages in the wind.” Those are beautiful words to live by.

Kingsley has written Last Chance to Fall well, with characters that are impossible not to love. We meet Sean’s brothers and their wives, and that has me excited to go back to the beginning and watch their relationships form and blossom. I’m so glad I found this series.

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