Love on Hold, Mia Miller

Love on Hold is Miller’s debut book, and it’s a fantastic debut at that. What turns into a wrong number becomes more. How often do we see in social media of great things happening from a wrong number? But what happens with Joel and Leonie is so-much-more, because she could have easily just blown off the incident as a wrong number and gone on her way, set in her routine, never really knowing love. Except she didn’t, her curiosity peaked, she continued to message him. Joel’s the type of man who, while courteous to those he dates, he doesn’t do relationships.

The more they learn of each other, the more they came to really like what was happening, to look forward to the next text or phone call. It’s all new to them, but the anonymity is so deliciously exciting. But then Joel wants to meet and Leonie’s fears come rising back up because, at the root of it, she’s scared to open up and let him in.

There were so many aspects to Love on Hold to love. The innocent way it all started, the way Joel was incessantly flirtatious, watching Joel change through their texts, watching Leonie let go a little more and watching the little lessons they learned on the way. One such as Miller writes after Joel sends a “thinking of you” text: “We didn’t need that much to be happy. Just the proverbial sign of life…” Men think women are such complicated creatures where we really just crave the little things, and Joel is really good at that.

There were a few supporting characters, Joel’s roommate, his father, Leonie’s Aunt, her crazy ex who creates a lot of drama, and lastly, her roommate Amaya, who is a fun supporting character and I would love to see more of her. A lot of times in reviews, you don’t hear editing mentioned, so I’m going to mention how very well this book is edited. That’s often rare in debut novels, and as someone who does proofing, that especially stood out to me. Love on Hold was such a fun, heartwarming, and at times steamy read. I’m excited to follow this author and see what else she has in store.

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