Children of the Gods Box Set-Jessica Therrien

I absolutely love it when an author takes on retellings of mythology, it’s not an easy task to keep track of all the Gods and their powers, and I feel like Therrien did it extremely well.

Elyse has grown up isolated and for a good deal of her 89 years, alone. She knows she’s different than other humans, in the fact that she looks like she’s 18 years old. But her parents left her without really knowing much of her history. That is until she meets William. She’s taught herself not to get attached to people because they die on her and she’s left alone. She can’t be with a human because they will age and she won’t. But William is different than other humans, so different in fact, he’s just like her. A descendant of the Gods and he’s been waiting his entire life for her.

This series has some incredibly strong characters with some mind-blowing abilities. I loved Therrien’s interpretation of how a descendant would have an ability based on the God they are from. She got very creative with the abilities and it made learning them super fun. Her descriptions have you feeling like you are right there in their world, they’re innovative and rich. From Nics and Sam to Rachel and Paul, and so many along the way, you never lacked for characters to fall in love with.

As far as protagonists, there are plenty to choose from. Ryder was just awful and when I didn’t think I could hate him any more, Therrien introduces Christoph. Their powers were amplified beyond that of the others, as they were the Council. In fact, their powers were downright terrifying. But they made for a fast-paced, high-intensity storyline.

I saw some people complain about insta-love, and in some books, that can really work. Considering that William is Elyse’s first boyfriend, I think it makes sense. I’ve also seen others complain about Elyse’s naivety, which again, if you’ve been living for 89 years, sheltered from an entire world that you’re a part of, everything is going to be new. While I do feel like there were a few instances where she should have taken things at face value, because of her insistent stubbornness, overall she was a good character.

The series is insanely fun and is one of my more favorite reads because of the entire world that has been created in it. It’s a series of substance, so you definitely won’t be reading it in one sitting. I personally am not ready to let any of the characters go and would love to see Therrien write more books that either include them or as spinoffs with some of the other characters. Well done!

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