Unexpectedly Royal, Jennifer Domenico

I’m always surprised by how thorough Domenico’s books are. When you open one of her books, you get books with rich backstory, in-depth characters, and highly engaging scenes between them.

In Unexpectedly Royal we meet Delaney and her best friend Fallyn. The friendship between them is stronger than sisters, and I absolutely love that. They make resolutions, and as such, Delaney finds herself in a cooking class. The only other single person in the class is Lathan, and they get paired up together. Neither of them can cook, and it’s amusing watching the disaster unfold.

But from disaster turns interest and friendship, and they take their time getting to know one another.
I enjoyed that they spent so much time getting to know one another because you got to know their personalities, their quirks, likes, and dislikes.

Their friendship evolves into a relationship, and Lathan has a big secret that lesson has taught him not to reveal. But in relationships, you aren’t supposed to keep secrets, so it might just be a deal breaker. Especially because Lathan is from a different country, and bringing back an American girlfriend would possibly be scandalous.

The scenes between these two get *hot*. They go from a 0 to on fire in a matter of seconds, and you’re going to read about it all. It’s fabulous. I think any girl dreaming of finding their prince charming is going to really love this book.

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