Eagle & Crane, Suzanne Rindell

I absolutely love Historical Fiction and I appreciate that the author chose to talk about what happened to Japanese citizens during the War because it is a dark spot in our history that isn’t often discussed.
Told from alternating perspectives of the investigator who is looking into a plane crash of a Japanese father and son, who the local sheriff just doesn’t want to deal with, and from a young girl Ava, who really is the heart of the story.

Louis Thorn grew up hearing how his families neighbors, the Yamada’s, had cheated his family out of the western side of their land. He was supposed to hate them as ferociously as their father and his eldest brother, Guy. But as a young boy, he befriends Harry. But as happens, they go their separate ways in life until both are drawn to planes that are doing maneuvers out in the field.

After taking their scenic flights, they are hooked and become a part of the traveling Flying Circus that is Ava’s step-father Earl’s creation. While they aren’t best friends, they slowly slide into a comfortable sort of friendship with both Ava and each other. Harry performing more daring stunts, and Louis, anxious to keep up, follows his lead, while the show just seems to keep getting bigger, drawing in more customers.

But as with all good things, Earl is a sham, Ava knew it from the day they met him selling magic Tonic. But her mother Chloe saw him as their way out, and so they’re stuck with him. As with all shams, they eventually show their true colors, and that is exactly what happens. But the fall out is more than any of them could anticipate.

While the story was a bit slow to start for me, once it got going, I was hooked. Eagle & Crane is not a fast read by any means, and I think that is why I appreciated it even more. Rindell is very careful in her explanations of characters, settings, and importantly, the tension that surrounds them during these hard times of war. I loved how the opposing chapters between the investigator and the main characters weaved themselves together for a more complete story. This is a story that needed to be told and it was very well done.

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Eagle & Crane releases July 3rd on Amazon for $13.99