Mercy's First Semester, W.M. Bunche

Mercy is a haunted man. Having grown up with a stepfather that was verbally abusive and running the streets, he realizes he’s on a dead end path and enrolls in the army. After 20 years of service, we start our story. Told through the present, past, and journal entries, we learn of Mercy’s struggles, of the kinship he has with fellow service members, his quest to further himself and not always be “the angry guy”.

He puts himself in therapy and enrolls himself in college. We also are able to read some of the works Mercy submitted for his Creative Writing course, which furthers the storyline along. In life there is loss, and Mercy has experienced his fair share of it. It never gets any easier.

Because Mercy has PTSD, which affects so many service members and civilians, it’s an epidemic that needs to be addressed. I greatly appreciate that Bunche took the time to research and write about PTSD. Mercy’s First Semester was well-written, it was engaging and well researched. It had hard-hitting moments and tender ones. Bunche did well, it was a great pleasure to read.

You can read my review on Goodreads. I cannot post it on Amazon until Sunday as I have quite a few un-verified reviews and this book was gifted to me. You can buy Mercy’s First Semester on Amazon for 99 cents.