Chemistry Lessons, Meredith Goldstein

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. It’s actually the first book I’ve ever won over there. Here’s my review.

Maya is a girl still recovering from her mother’s death. She interns at the lab her mother ran at MIT and she’s got a small but good group of friends. She also had a boyfriend, Whit. That is until he unexpectedly broke up with her.

While visiting her aunt, she’s lead to go through her mother’s research paperwork in their attic. After discovering her mother was secretly working on a way to manipulate pheromones, she gets the idea to get her boyfriend back. It appears her mother was trying to keep the spark going, to recreate the rush of falling in love. That’s perfect to Maya, which means it’s going to spell disaster, and hence, our book is laid out.

Maya sets out on a mission with Ann, the woman who was her mothers assistant, hoping to continue the secret research of her mother. Ann tasks her to 3 different men. An acquaintance, a friend, and lastly her ex, and of course, things don’t go as Maya envisioned.

I don’t feel like this book is overly scientific like some people are saying. Sure she interns in a lab and is excellent in Math in Science, but it’s not prevalent. The core of this book is her journey through this sketchy and morally questionable “research”.

Her relationship with her father is commendable and gave me all the feels towards the end of the book. I enjoyed her best friend Bryan and I would have liked to go deeper with his character. Watching Maya traverse enticing 3 men was interesting. Her first interaction with Witt after the breakup went as expected, but I was proud of her growth. Overall, Chemistry Lessons was a good read.

You can read my review on Goodreads. I don’t have it up on Amazon yet as I’m tapped out for unverified reviews this week. You can grab Chemistry Lessons on Amazon for $9.99.