Dangerous Memories, Amanda Siegrist

I was super excited that Danny was the star of Dangerous Memories because he drove me nuts in book one. He was being an overprotective brother, but he was way overprotective. And while he is still an overprotective brother, he’s got work to do and a woman that won’t stop invading his thoughts.

Kat is in Florida to help Aubrey out by packing up her house and Kats brother Danny has crashed the party. She hasn’t stopped thinking about him since they met. But she can’t be thinking of him like that, he lives in Florida and they could never make it work with the distance. But it doesn’t stop them from circling around each other.

Meanwhile, there is someone killing women in the area and Danny’s gut is telling him that there’s a possibility that Kat will be next. He’s trying to keep her safe without letting her know what’s going on. He doesn’t want to unnecessarily scare her. But he needs to keep her safe, he needs to protect her to make up for failing to protect his sister when she needed him most.

Siegrist promised that Danny would redeem himself in this book, and he did. Because underneath the bravado, the man who comes across as a jerk is a guy who is smitten. I loved his closeness with Aubrey, his willingness to work with Logan, and his connection with Kat. I loved watching both of their walls break down. I was happy that we got to see the people we grew to love in Escaping Memories and I love that Dangerous Memories can be read as a standalone.

I never really read romantic suspense before Siegrist and as I read more of her work, it has fast become one of my most favorite genres. She knows the genres and has you on the edge of your seat with anxiety while your heart is swooning.

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