Memories of Us, Fabiola Francisco

Highschool sweethearts in small hometown America in a second chance romance.

Three years ago Hunter made a huge mistake when it came to Mackenzie and it’s not a mistake she could easily get over. In fact, it tore them apart. But that doesn’t mean that Hunter has given up hope because Kenzie is all he’s ever wanted in life. So while he’s moved to Nashville to live the dream he shared with her, it’s not the same because she’s not there with him. He doesn’t even know where she’s been living and it’s tearing him apart.

I loved the devotion Hunter had for Kenzie and I think we all can say that he makes for a perfect book boyfriend because of his utter devotion. When it’s so easy for an author to slip into the role of making an unlikeable heroine that can’t move forward after heartache, Francisco didn’t do that with Mackenzie, and I loved that about her. Watching her heal was a good journey because she didn’t sit there and constantly hold the hurt against Hunter, they healed together. It was Hunter’s mission to help her heal and for them to reconnect.

Memories of Us was an absolutely sweet and endearing book. The songs and lyrics that Hunter wrote were heartfelt and creative. I enjoyed that Francisco put so much effort into writing that she included that. I loved watching Hunter fight to get Mackenzie’s love and trust back. Memories of Us was a perfect second chance romance.

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