Vampire Princess, Rosemary A. Johns

This cover is absolutely stunning. If you weren’t a part of this imaginitive world Johns has created, this would definitely make you want to start.

Violet is in angel world at the hands of her queen mother, forced to act as princess. Rebel and Ash are locked away and hurting. Half angel, half vampire, she’s still searching for exactly where she fits in. Her mother is a tyrant, she’s abusive and controlling and Violet wants nothing to do with it. But she needs to learn to play her mother’s game if she wants to survive and get out of here to find her sister.

I’ve always said how much I love Johns writing style as it’s beautifully unique. Her books are so much more than just vampire books or angel books as there is nothing typical about her characters. Violet is a strong character, and I enjoyed her moments of naivety in a world she’s only just come to know. The entire world that she has created is engaging and imaginative, the characters, deep. This was my most favorite of Johns’ books to date.

Check out my review on Goodreads and give it a “like”. Vampire Princess is available for pre-order on Amazon for $3.99 and releases July 31st.