Shadow Play, Jill Ramsower

When I used the “Look Inside” feature and read: “I flashed my teeth in a look that was probably more creepy carnie than patient waitress” I knew I had to read this. I read a lot of books from self-published authors and rarely are they this well-written or this well-edited. I’m very impressed with both aspects.

The storyline is a lot of fun. We meet Becca who is an adventurist at heart, and she’s headed off to Ireland to pursue her dream of working in a museum. But once she gets there, things start to go topsy-turvy. She’s surrounded by vampire-like creatures who are creeping her out, the hot guys she’s bumped into are actually Faeries, and unbeknownst to her, she’s got a bit of magic in her as well, with no idea how that could be possible.

I really liked Becca, she was strong and assertive, and once she was faced with the supernatural, she didn’t sit there and deny it, like a lot of heroines fall prey to in this trope. It made me like her so much more and it made it easy to be her cheerleader. We meet some rough and tumble fairies, and I have to admit I might have a bit of a crush on Lochlan. There’s a great mix of steamy and high packed action. There’s also a brownie who seems like he could make a perfect sidekick, that I absolutely must learn more about, and so I will anxiously await the next installment of the series in hopes that some resolution will come about.

So I was disappointed that this ended in a cliffhanger, but I absolutely loved Shadow Play. Such a great first novel for fans of fantasy, romance, adventure, and everything in between.

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