Ripper, Amy Cecil

I love reading historical fiction, so I was pleased when I saw Cecil was going to write a romantic suspense about Jack the Ripper. I’ve been lucky enough to read it! Here’s my review:

Jax has his eye on Marie and she’s more than willing to agree to his arrangement, it’s a lot better than what she’s been doing as it’s the perfect arrangement for a lady of the night. But someone they’ve dubbed Jack the Ripper is killing prostitutes and the timing of the deaths is all wrong.

Where is Jax when these horrific murders are happening? Wasn’t their initial meeting shady? But Jax is a wonderful man, he’s sexy and attentive, and Marie is starting to develop feelings for him. Certainly, he can’t be Jack the Ripper. She needs to stop these crazy thoughts, what they have is good.

Despite Marie’s doubts, these two are wonderful together. They have wonderful chemistry and it’s obvious that Jax really cares for her. Cecil has done a wonderful job blending fact, romance, and suspense that has you swooning in one chapter and on the edge of your seat the next. The scenes between these two are incredible and the worry you have for Marie because the killer is out there has you biting your nails. Very well done!

Ripper releases August 31st on Amazon and you can pre-order it for 99 cents. Check out my review on Goodreads while you wait!

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