The Dark Truth, Jerry Knaack

This was a fun first novel from Knaack with an interesting take on some vampire lore. Elizabeth gets herself into a bit of a mess when she wakes up inside a refrigerator in the morgue. She’s not exactly sure what’s going on, but she knows she needs to get out of there, taking down an attendant in the process. Elizabeth was a strong heroine, which I appreciate so much in books. She realized she got herself into a bad situation and went with it.

We follow Elizabeth as she traverses her way into learning how to cope with this new life. She is unapologetic about who she is and the means she needs to take to survive, which is super refreshing in a novel that takes on vampires. Some of the lore Knaack added was amusing to me and I would like to think he did that on purpose (such as Elizabeth not being able to see herself in the mirror. That was such a huge hassle for her, I loved it).

The Dark Truth was a good read, a refreshing take on vampires as we watched the body count pile up. The few other characters that were introduced were strong, and I am pleased to see that the detective is in book 2, I look forward to continuing the story.

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