The Other Side of Trust, Courtney Lea

Fione runs a boarding facility and leads a pretty closed off life. She doesn’t date much, but that’s because an ex-boyfriend helped to feed her insecurities about her weight. So she buries herself in work.

Reese is known for his way with women, having a new one each night, the entire town has a nickname for him. But Reese is more than that nickname and when he sees Fione again after 4 years, he decides he’s waited long enough. But convincing her she’s as beautiful as he sees her isn’t going to be easy as her scars run deep.

While an insecure heroine isn’t my favorite trope, I enjoyed watching Reese helping Fione to blossom. Watching their relationship evolve from best friends to more was sweet, and I think we all want that in our relationships. Reese is deep, and he loves deeply. He helps Fione to do the same. Their relationship, while it has its trials, works well because they work at it. As Lea writes “Relationships were a different realm, required a fluid currency between give and take.” They have some seriously hot and swoony moments.

All of the characters were rich and deep, and I seriously am ready for Lea to write Zeke’s story as I believe we have a lot in common. I loved the fact that while I jumped into the series in book 2, it wasn’t a big problem, as this can be read as a standalone. Though I do want to go back and read book 1.

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