Love & Hope (Heart & Soul 2), Sienna Grant

Oh my, I absolutely adore Carson. And I suppose, he couldn’t be single forever and I’ve quite warmed up to Lauren, she’s his perfect fit.

Carson didn’t have it easy growing up, his father was an abusive jerk who took his drunken rages out on his wife and Carson. Carson closed himself off to everyone, hiding his bruises, his shame, and anger. But Lauren came barging in, becoming the light in his life. Until that ended, like everything good in his life.

Years later they run back into each other, so to speak, and they start to remember how much they meant to each other as teenagers. But Carson is still a man that is closed off, he carries around a lot of pain, and he’s scared of opening up. But Lauren still isn’t one to back down from a challenge, which is why she makes a great cop.

While they will have trials, they will go through them together.
My heart broke for Carson, multiple times. And then it broke for Lauren and that’s when I conceded that they were perfect for each other. Love and Hope is well-written, with the perfect amount of sexy, sweet, and swoon. You’re going to get crazy emotional over Carson, but you’re going to love every moment.

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads. Love and Hope releases July 31st and I will update this post when a purchase link becomes available on Amazon.