Slashing Mona Lisa, D.M. Barr

I absolutely loved this book! There are multiple threads of suspense, some romance, and a great body positive message. It’s quite the perfect package.

Camarin has a new job at a magazine, and in her own time, she’s found a lead she wants to investigate. There are some murders that have sprung up that no one has been able to tie together. She thinks she needs to check out this guy Mangel, who’s all about body positivity because everywhere he goes, there’s a murder.

Her new job is good, except for the copy-editing that Wynan keeps throwing her way. He’s the bosses closest friend, and she reports to him in a way. Speaking of boss, she’s got a great one in Lyle, who she totally digs, and to say he’s easy on the eyes would be an understatement. Then there’s the receptionist Rachel who has a unique way of speaking in code that even I have yet to totally figure out. It’s super fun and something I do with my sisters, so I can completely relate. So while she’s buried in copy-editing, she really wants to follow this lead, even if Lyle thinks it’s too dangerous.

But once she meets Mangel, she’s moved by his message. It seems as if he really does just want people to feel good about themselves. Maybe he isn’t involved with what Camarin has been investigating, but he’s definitely up to something.

Barr has done a superb job with getting the body positive message across while weaving it in with some serious on the edge of your seat suspense. Then there are those moments of heat between Camarin and Lyle that are *hot*. Slashing Mona Lisa was such a fun read, and I found myself unable to put the book down as I wanted to get through all the stressfulness of finding out what was going to happen. Such a well-done book, I’m so glad I read it.

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