Badge Bunny, K.L. Montgomery

Brynne is a doctor in the ER, and she doesn’t like the nickname of Badge Bunny that she’s earned. So she’s done dating cops, they’re all cocky anyways. So when she meets Chris in the ER, she’s totally not interested, and even comes up with a fun nickname for him, well fun for her at least, he doesn’t know about it.

As a state trooper, Chris has seen his fair share. He wants to get to know Bryne more, but she’s making it really hard on him. He’s a good guy, even if the guys at work are always ribbing him. They’re both keeping secrets, some more painful than others. Getting these two together seems hopeless, not just because they both work odd hours, but because they’re stubborn. Perhaps they will get to know each other better at Sonnet’s wedding, after all, they are walking together down the aisle.

There were so many moments when something witty was written, and I laughed out loud, and as much as I want to share them here, I don’t want to spoil those moments for the next reader. The body positive message of learning to accept your scars can be a hard one for many, and I appreciate that Montgomery has included this. Lastly, I love Chris and Brynne for being them, and I love when Brynne finally takes the plunge. “I have found a hundred and one reasons not to like him, but there seem to be a hundred and one more to fall in love…” *swoon*

Badge Bunny is a perfect addition to the Romance in Rehoboth series. I always tell myself, “well this couple is my most favorite” and then Montgomery gives us another couple’s story, and I change my mind. It’s because she’s created such likable characters. You can read each of their stories individually, and then go on to read the next book. You meet old friends and fall in love with new ones, very well done!

You don’t have to wait long to get your own copy of Badge Bunny. It releases on Amazon on August 23rd, you can pre-order your copy for only $3.99.
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