Fear the Fever, Stacey Broadbent

I recently started reading books in the Dystopian genres and they are so much fun. Fear the Fever is no exception as it’s non-stop action from the start. Told in alternating viewpoints from the various characters, we start off innocently enough with a mother baking, and her family working on the farm. It all spirals downhill from there as people are getting sick and turning into what the news is dubbing “flesh eaters”.

It’s up to Zeke and his friends to not only try and survive but figure out a way to stop the disease as too many people are dying, especially their loved ones. This was such a fun read for me. I loved watching the wheels tick as the group tried to figure out how the outbreak all started. Broadbent has done an excellent job in creating a fun, non-stop action, edge of your seat thriller in Fear the Fever. As a fan of hers, it was nice seeing her switch up her genres. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next book, Fight the Fever.

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