Fortitude Rising, A.M. Bochnak

Broken down into 3 episodes, Fortitude Rising tells the story of an institution devoted to studying magic. Living on the island is Ebony, she’s Magically Bond, living at the whims of her father and knowing nothing else. She’s a very upset individual, (and rightfully so) as she is treated as a guinea pig by her father. She’s 23 years old and has no life of her own. She stares across the water at a city she’s never known, dreaming of escape.

When a handful of new people arrive on the island, they’re different from the others Ebony has known. While their initial goal was to kill her, getting to know her has helped them to see they can get more out of their mission. Working together, they can take down her father and stop the insanely torturous things he is doing to people.

I was disappointed this ended on a cliffhanger. Outside of that, this was a really good read for me, it had some really great elements, young adult, dystopian, fantasy, and suspense. I found myself having a hard time putting the book down because I was as anxious as Ebony to uncover the depths of her father’s evil.

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